According to the results of the census in 2002 there are 214.630 IDPs from Kosovo and Metohija in Serbia and 32.200 in the territory of Montenegro.

The basic strategic objective of government of Serbia, the international community and the NGOs is providing of necessary assistance to displaced persons in process of return to their homes in Kosovo and Metohija as well as their safe life there.

The main principle guiding mentioned subjects is the right of displaced persons to return to their places of origin in a safe way and with the dignity.

This mean both safety in their homes and communities and appropriate freedom of movement.

The association published details on activities related to return in 3 issues of luxuriously printed bulletin with all the relevant indicators :

  • Bulletin IV - December 2004 “The support for the return”
  • Bulletin III - January 2003 “At home of own”
  • Bulletin II - issued in April 2003 - “Return to the homeland”
  • Bulletin I - issued in July 2002 - “Return to the homeland”

From the very beginning of its work the “Sveti Spas” Association, besides the providing of necessary humanitarian assistance, was giving the priority to GO-AND-SEE visits, to the legal assistance and liaison with the other NGOs providing direct assistance in return.

With our beneficiaries we were in GO-AND-SEE visits to Prizren region - Sredacka zupa, since the August 2000 when any of the officials hadn't been thinking about these activities.

In period August 2000 - December 2008 1210 IDPs visited their homes by mediation of “Sveti Spas” and with assistance of Norwegian Refugee Council, Danish Refugee Council and UNHCR.

One of the activities of the association in 2003, which was related to the return, is initiating of the return and the actual return of IDPs in villages of Sredacka zupa/Prizren region and the first negotiations in September 2002 in base Casablanca in Suva Reka - as the part of procedure for return in village Musutiste and other villages of Suva Reka municipality. The result of co-ordination of representatives of “Sveti Spas Association” and “Zavicaj” Association and their active participation in municipal working group in Prizren from 200 , is the return of 64 families in village Novake on 15 March 2003.

UNHCR gave significant support to the mentioned activities.